• Invest in Portugal

    Why would it make sense to invest in real estate property in Portugal?Familiarise yourself with all the advantages of this Eurozone country.

    The country’s assets: 


    • The Mediterranean, smooth weather, and the amazing sunlight (300 sunny days per year).
    • The ocean, always nearby.
    •  The biodiversity, both in terms of animal and plant species, remarkable when comparing to the extension of the territory.
    • An extraordinary cultural heritage in a country with a 900-years history.


    • Airline flights to the main European and international airports.
    • Excellent road infrastructures, linking the main cities and connecting to Europe.
    • Cruise terminal in Lisbon, and marinas all along the coast.

     The tranquillity:

    • One of the lowest levels of criminal records in Europe.
    • Local-welcoming people.
    • A stable, democratic political system, in the short, in the medium and in the long term.

    Economic stability and beneficial fiscal conditions:

    • Strong currency, the euro, and one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, where a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle can be easily afforded.
    •  Quality health system (12th best worldwide in 2000, http://www.photius.com/rankings/healthranks.html).
    • Low financial risk (exchange and interest rates, and inflation rates are controlled by the European Central Bank).
    • Consolidated procedures and total transparency in the purchasing process for foreign investors.
    • Beneficial tax regulations: tax exempt inheritances and donations for residents and a special tax program of exemption or reduced rates on non-habitual residents’ income.
    •  A privileged location, the most favoured choice since the 19th century for vacation or permanent residence of those who can afford to choose where to go.

    Real estate opportunities in a very auspicious market momentum:

    • Favourite holiday destination boosting property markets, both of seasonal rental and second house acquisition.
    •  Strong rental profitability, both in seaside and city centres.

     Real estate in Portugal:

    • Properties are comparable to the most prestigious locations (such as Southern France) but at Portuguese prices – high status developments at very competitive prices.
    • Landscape and urban environments are protected by state regulations limiting construction density.
    • Recognised quality construction skills.
    • Outstanding purchase opportunities, due to the liquidity shortfall in the market.
    • Low risk of property value depreciation, in the medium and long term, since Portugal has not been hit by the financial bubble crisis.
    • A legal framework that regulates the market and protects the buyer. 
    • The combination of these ingredients results in a peaceful lifestyle that places Portugal as one of the first destination choices, both, for permanent and seasonal home.