• 360º Service

    In HOME IN PORTUGAL, our objective is to build a close relationship with our clients based on empathy and trust. We provide our clients with a full service, going beyond property sale. As a specialist with over 25 years of experience, you can rely on us to consolidate your knowledge about Portugal and its real estate market; planning your next visit as well as guiding you and advising on property choice and acquisition processes, subsequent management and eventual resale.Request our assistance according to your needs.

    Our services:

    1. Visiting Portugal

    When visiting Portugal, count on us to show you property goods matching your criteria and the neighbourhood. Enjoy the sun, the landscape and the great Portuguese cuisine, while we plan your visit and logistics.  

    2. Legal, Tax and Financial Counselling

    Investing or moving to Portugal is a decision that involves different processes, like getting a residence permit or choosing the most beneficial tax regime. We, together with our specialized partners, will assist you throughout the process answering all your queries on any specific contract or legislation and help you in defining the tax plan that best suits your situation (regarding double taxation conventions), as well as in matters concerning international transfers and financing.   

    3. Asset Management

    If buying property for investment, we can assist you in coordinating the decoration and equipment of your house or apartment, and in the contracting of utilities (water, power, communications) setting it ready for rent. Along the way, we will also represent you in owners meetings and in overall property supervision.

    4. Helping you setting in

    When moving to Portugal, you can rely on us for the most trivial issues that may however be complex to deal with when you first arrive at a different country. Lean on us to advise you on the best schools for your children, staff hiring (like cleaning crew, chauffeurs or decorators). The most commonplace initial routines can be smoothed with a hand from a local partner. We will be happy to be of assistance to you.

    5. Lease or Resale Management

    Entrust us your property and we will maximise your profits through touristic lease, long-term rental or subsequent resale, dealing with all the administrative and operational procedures for you.