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Vila Intendente

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  • Округ: Lisboa
  • Приход: Arroios
  • Зона: Almirante Reis (Anjos)
  • Начало строительства:- - -
  • Окончание строительства: 2018-03-14
  • Статус: В строительстве
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Описание новостройки

Lisbon - Historic Center

VILA INTENDENTE development consists of 1 to 3 bedrooms apartments, some with balconies, in an old building fully recovered, facade covered in Viúva Lamego tiles, with pool, elevator, air conditioning and fitted kitchens. The set of building works around a courtyard and has a generous sun deck and communal pool overlooking the Castle.

Located at the entrance of Largo do Intendente, in the city center, square which already is deeply regenerated and renewed with the works of Joana Vasconcelos and that started with the Viúva Lamego building, which still represents the best of what is done in the traditional tiles. Since then, the revival of this square has not ceased. There are buildings to be restored on every corner. Now there are terraces full of life, restaurants without availabilities to reserves and, all around you, guests' houses, tourist apartments, hostels and hotels.

Excellent accessibilities, with metropolitan station at the door as well as private and public transport alternatives.

Intendente opened the door to a new neighborhood. Come along and discover it!

Описание новостройки

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  • Дополнительно
    • Завершение строительства 2018-03-14
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