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  • County: Lisboa
  • Parish: Estrela
  • Zone: Av. Infante Santo (Lapa)
  • İnşaat başlangıcı:- - -
  • Teslim tarihi: - - -
  • Durum: İnşaat Halinde
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Lapa, Lisbon's most noble neighborhood

Living in Lisbon stands for enjoying a busy atmosphere, where every hill is a gazebo, is a luxury. But living in Lapa, place surrounded by embassies and palaces, it is the dream of any Lisbon's inhabitant. Surrounded by prestigious restaurants, traditional shops and terraces and squares that host fountains and statues, where the sun shines through the foliage. Stroll through the gardens of the National Museum of Ancient Art, born of a commitment to the future with a promise of renewal.

And because excellence has a name, it's time to enjoy the best of Lapa: make your home the Conde 35 project.

Signed by the prestigious and renowned architectural firm Aires Mateus, the renovation of this building is remarkable. Combining ancient and modern, you will find the best of both worlds, terraces and gardens, a renovated façade, modern comfort with thoughtful details.

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  • 2 Oda Sayısı
    Referans Birim Mülk tipi Oda Sayısı Kat Alan Fiyat Durum
    Conde35_2D 2D Daire 2 Oda Sayısı 2 107 m² 775 000 € İnşaat Halinde

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